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of interpretations. >> fighting words in the crisis in ukraine. russia said it will use force if necessary to defend its interests, and the u.s. says russia needs to back down. showing support. the secretary of state on a mission to ukraine to bring diplomatic and financial help. >> . >> relief on the streets. stocks sorry as investors watch russia step back from the brink of war. >>> and a bionic warning. because of an infection, hospitals limit prescriptions >> reporter:? >> and helping the child of refugees build a new life in chicago. >>> and we begin tonight with the crisis in ukraine. with tough talk from russia's president, who says the use of force is still an option. today the first shots were fired by pro russian soldiers, fired into the air to warn approaching ukrainian soldiers. that happened at the bella air base in the crimeaian peninsula. hours ago, russia launched an an intercontinental ballistic missile. it was planned by the russians, a closely watched move, giving attention to the region. russia's president defended his actions today, saying that he's protecting russians. john k
. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. ukraine showdown. the crisis escalating dramatically with reports of russian troops on the ground and president obama sending a blunt warning to the kremlin. >> the united states will stand with the international community in firming that there will be cost for military intervention in ukraine. >> from crimea, kiev, moscow and washington our correspondents are on the ground with the very latest. >>> eye of the storm. the huge weather system slamming the west coast with dangerous landslides and heavy flooding, part of a massive system sweeping across the country. >>> plus after the oscar, the homeless teen story leads to an academy award. one year later she joins us to talk about her life now. we have a lot to get to tonight. the situation in ukraine's crimea region is very fluid this hour. it's also extremely dangerous. here's what we know. u.s. officials say they are seeing signs of troops moving in from russia. washington is talking with its allies in europe about the consequences. u.s. citizens should postpone all nonessential travel to ukraine.
right now, new questions over whether a weak u.s. foreign policy contributed to the crisis in ukraine. senator john mccain says it did. he's here live with me this hour. >>> and right now, the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu is on his way over to the white house to meet with president obama, where he may be receiving a blunt warning about receiving a blunt warning about israel's future. -- captions by vitac -- >>> hello, i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. there is a lot to tell you over the next hour. on the deepening crisis in ukraine. at the center of the conflict, the peninsula seen here in red. there you see it in the middle of the screen. ukraine's defense minister says they have warned officials to swear allegiance to the new crimean authorities, surrender, or face an attack. but russian media now saying reports of a russian ultimatum are, quote, utter rubbish. what we know right now is about 6,000 russian troops are in control of crimea. the european union demanding an immediate russian withdrawal. the secretary of state, john kerry, he's due t
, on the brink. the russians accused of an armed invasion under way right now in the ukraine. as the crisis takes a dangerous turn, late today, president obama warned vladimir putin there will be costs. >>> race against time. as the storm that looks like a west coast hurricane comes ashore, the flood emergency in southern california. there have already been evacuations and rescues amid fears the burn zone will give way. >>> and high drama. so many office drama pools are at stake, so much pride is on the line as the guessing game leading up to the oscars nears an end. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. >>> good evening. as you saw there, we have a storm approaching the u.s. west coast that is big enough to have an eye like a hurricane. and we will get to that story in just a moment. >>> but we must begin instead tonight with the fear that the situation in ukraine is perhaps approaching civil war. russian troops have been arriving by transport plane and by helicopter in the crimea region, many of them with their faces covered, wearing no insignia. if not an invasion, it certainly appears
in washington where president obama is about to address the crisis in ukraine. ousted ukrainian president viktor yanukovych surfaced today after a week on the run. we're going to go to wendell goler at the white house with the latest. bring us up to speed, please. all right. do we have wendell? wendell, can you hear us? >> i can hear you now. >> thank you. bring us up to speed, wendell. >> the announcement came down maybe 15, 20 minutes ago, the president would speak to us here in the white house briefing room. it came after ukraine's u.n. ambassador announced what he called russian groupies had seized control of the two major airports in crimea. earlier today, press secretary jay carney had refused to confirm report that russian forces had seized control, not only of the airports but of a couple of the buildings in crimea. remember, this is an area that is predominantly ethnic russian. very much sympathetic to moscow. perhaps even more so than to the government in kiev. so we're awaiting the president. his advisers, secretary of state kerry, national security adviser susan rice, have said that
harris with a look at today's top stories. growing new tensions in ukraine. armed men take control of airports. and ukraine accused russia of mounting an invasion. tens of thousands of documents released detailing the inner workings of the clinton white house. >>> and rising waters force police to close roads, but it's a welcome sight to ease the drought. inside supreme court arguments posted online. >> ominous development developme ukraine. heavily armed men described as russian soldiers took up positions at airports and at a cost guard base in the crimea region. ukraine accusing russia as invading its territory. jennifer glass is live for us in the crimea capitol. jennifer, who are these armed men at the airport? who are they taking their orders from? >> reporter: they won't talk about who they are. tonight we have a new development. the air space in crimea is closed. no flights going in or out for the next 24 hours. we're not sure who these men are. there are no insignia on their uniforms. there are no license tags on their trucks. no identifying marks, paperwork, passes. if you
obama's response to the crisis in ukraine. guys? >> wolf, vladimir putin's giving republicans a new excuse to play their favorite game, criticize the president. >> sally, i admire your attempt to switch the blame, but president obama's weak foreign policy is the real problem. the debate starts right now. >>> tonight on "crossfire" -- a stern warning to vladimir putin. >> russia's on the wrong side of history on this. >> but republicans say president obama is mishandling russia. >> this is the ultimate result of a feckless foreign policy where nobody believes in america's strength any more. >> on the left, sally kohn, on the right, newt gingrich. in the "crossfire" -- lawrence korb who supports the president and danielle pletka, one of the president's harshest critics. is vladimir putin pushing around the u.s. because the president is weak? tonight on "crossfire." >>> welcome to "crossfire's" breaking news coverage of the crisis in the ukraine. i'm sally kohn on the left. >> i'm newt gingrich on the right. in the "crossfire" tonight, two guests who disagree on president obama's handl
pipelines, the russian pipelines that run through ukraine, and make sure that that continues to flow, and whatever it takes to do that, you make it happen. there are three major pipelines through ukraine to russia, to the other parts of yourm, to polan poland, romania. if you secure those, you don't need to liquefy -- >> but the head is in the soviet union. the headlines there are. they could turn them off, right? >> why would they do that? they turn them off, no one is going to pay their -- >> i understand that. let me get back to what dana said. there's been an existing ban on europe getting both natural gas and oil from the united states. it seems to mnow that we had th additional oil discoveries, now over 50% of our oil is our own, why not send oil to them? >> oil? >> yeah. >> crude oil? >> yeah, because there's a ban on it. >> ship oil and oil products? >> the world already exports clean gas to places like china while we export dirty crude. ukraine is bye-bye. it's lost. no getting them to join the eu. if putin wants to take it, it's his to take. >> i don't think that's all lost
government in iraq or libya or syria or ukraine. that's "hardball" for now. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >>> good evening from new york, i'm credit hayes. tonight all eyes are on the situation in ukraine. a senior obama administration official tells nbc news that president obama has been meeting with his national security council discussing potential options with ukraine. tensions remain extremely high as russia steps up its occupation of crimea, a semi autonomous region located on the black sea in the southern section of the country. russian president vladimir putin shows no sign of backing down, despite mounting pressure from the u.s., nato and the eu. this standoff has escalated incredibly quickly with a steady string of major developments since pro-kremlin forces moved into ukraine last week. >> the united states will stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs in any military intervention in ukraine. >> when armed and masked gunmen appeared at the two main airports in crimea friday, the world wondered whether russia had really decided to begin
featured harsh words to describe russia's interests in ukraine there are a few with a look at that coming up. and it may turn out that in this syntax and was executed. cameron todd willingham was found guilty of killing his three daughters and an arson attack is that really the case will tell you more later on the shelf. tuesday marked where i can and washington d c i'm enduring a bit in your watching our team air the kids in ca with the latest in ukraine most of the attention is now centering on the southern peninsula of time yet which is located on the northern coast of the black sea as geo political tensions continued to rise control over the region is now one night stand but for more on the most recent developments i spoke with our keys each work is going on. i first asked him to talk about what happened in kenya today while at the same or worse has been a normal working tuesday. lots of people on the streets going about their business of all the rules are open to traffic shops are open cafes restaurants use a headset even sometimes when we are filming reports will post them up to me
straight to the helicopter at his residence and disappeared. viktor yanukovych flew to eastern ukraine, close to the russian border where he spent the night in a state residence. while there, he went on ukrainian television to say defiantly that he would not resign and that he would not leave the country, but then he did not show up for a gathering of his allies. instead, he got back in his helicopter and flew 200 miles to his hometown, also in eastern ukraine near the russian border. everyone thought that eastern ukraine was safe territory for viktor yanukovych. but when he arrived at the airport in his hometown, he discovered that authorities were blocking the takeoff of the two private falcon jets that were waiting for him. he then fled by car, heading to the peninsula 400 miles away where his allies, the russians, base their black sea fleet. according to ukraine's new interior minister, the last we know of president yanukovych's movements is when he was heading for the airport in the south peninsula. but he must have been alerted to the fact that authorities were waiting for him th
with "bbc world news". our top stories. crisis in ukraine. armed activists take control of two airports in crimea, fueling graeter fears of moscow's intentions. because of crimea, the interior minister of ukraine describes is this as an armed invasion. >>> uganda says it is being blackmailed by the international community as the world bank decides to postpone a multimillion dollar loan because of the new uganda anti-gay laws. >> and it's believed to be the biggest ever international crackdown on fraud. over 100 people arrested for selling bogus shares. >>> hello, everyone. we begin with a new dimension to the growing crisis in ukraine where the interior minister has described this as an armed invasion. groups of armed men have taken over two airports in crimea. a largely russian speaking part of ukraine, which is home to a massive russian naval base. this is simferopol, the capital. they are saying nothing to reporters. but flights are still operating in and out of this civilian airport as normal. the situation is less clear at nearby sebaterpol. you can see some of the warplanes lined
&p rises to a new record high as the standoff between russia and the ukraine becomes "less tense". it's the 49th record set by the index. the dow- also had a positive reaction jumping 228 points, the nasdaq 75 and the s&p 28 gold scaled back $15 dollars and oil.. $1.63. caterpillar's ceo says he is guardedly optimistic about the global economy...which added into the buying blitz on wall street. and the power of the plug. yesterday we told you about the fuel cell stock plug power that surged 24% monday well on tuesdays it rallied 15% more.. trader daniel stecich of athena advisor services joins us now. there was a collective sigh of relief in the market yesterday but will that continue? >>i think it will. you have to put what happened in russia behind us and if you look at what happened over the course of the last week, the market had a decent gain. if you could take monday's loss out of itwe closed friday around 18.56 with a high of 18.59. you take all that out of it and we gained a few points no doubt and i think that's because of economic data. that's what we need to look at right
right now. thanks everybody. >> fox news alert on the growing crisis in ukraine. russian troops firing warning shots in the air. new concerns that the russia is reaching its military deeper into ukraine as russian president vladmir putin says he reserves the right to use force to protect those living in what he calls terror. meantime, our secretary of state john kerry is in dehe have meeting with leaders of the newly formed ukrainian government as the united states announce as one billion dollars eight package to ukraine and considers sanctions that putin says will only backfire. a live report moments from now. but first right now, breaking news on today's top headlines and brand new stories you will see here first. jon: a major announcement from nascar star kurt bush. what he is planning to do that no driver in the last decade has done. >>> 8-year-old suing her parents for college tuition. today they face off in court. >>> and toronto mayor rob ford appearing on "jimmy kimmel" live. the man who admitted to smoking crack reacted to the suggestion that he get some help. it is all "happe
the next hour of "money." hey, melissa. melissa: we are tied into the current crisis in ukraine and we'll hear what is going on lynch on the ground and a former ambassador to ukraine. plus we have exclusive with the brilliant michelle girard, one of my favorites. the "wall street throwdown" is whether radioshack will live or die. you've been very hot on twitter. tune in and get ready for the ride because even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: the markets are the big story. ii want to go to straight to andrew keane on the cme. i've been following you on twitter. you made great calls. what do you think happens the rest of the day here? >> it is unbelievable to see the rally in the stock market. i've been on the show with you before and you can not short the stock market. market continues to go higher. huge crisis with ukraine and russia and oil pipes. doesn't matter. we sell off one day, immediately gets bought. warren buffett came out said yesterday's dip, 1% of h off all-time high is buying opportunity. this stock market is out of control. i took off a lot of ri
will be available shortly on the website at >> turning to the situation in ukraine the associated press reports secretary of state john kerry called russia a's foreign minister to express concerns of reports of pro- russia gunmen patrolling streets in armored vehicles and seizing several of airports in the region. the ap says that secretary kerry urged sir j. lab -- lavrov. back in washington washington, . president obama spent the day at the white house hosting a student film fests after him. later today 4:45 he will speak at the democratic national committee winter meeting being held at the capital hilton. we will have live coverage of the remarks on c-span. again it is up 4:45 eastern. let's go live to the briefing room under way about ten minutes press secretary jay carney speaking with reporters. the first several questions on the subject of ukraine. live coverage on c-span2. >> you were just talking about the concerns you have for the central russian involvement in ukraine. what option does the united states have available, should we reach that point? spinet i'm not going to specu
>> stephen: tonight, ukraine is on the brink of disoofter, so things are improving. and new controversy over gay marriage. i think jonathan is totally settling for david. and my guest jaron lanier has a new book called "who owns the future?" i know one thing-- it's not people who write books. singapore is now the world's most expensive place to live. for the world's cheapest place, check your clothing label. this is the "colbert report. captioning sponsored by comedy central ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome to the report. thank you for joining us. >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! ( cheers and applause ) ( cheers and applause ) folks, welcome to the show. thank you for joining us. if you watch this show, i got some news for you. president barack obama is a failed leader. don't worry-- this isn't a rerun or a future episode. it's tonight. last week obama announced the planned withdrawal of american forces from afghanistan by 2015. with a stroke of his pen, there goes america's strategic reserve of rubble. now i feel like i've waste
a situation that has a horn or f i g s a stall that the interests of those people in ukraine are represented by what's happened what about those in the east and the trial would agree with i would agree with i would agree with you that sets in the fences the rushed out the mission of the line guage the role of yanukovich as it was a mistake. the new government needs to be inclusive and knees to reach out. it said it will respect all the moles all minorities in the council of europe and the sea on takings. if you remember crimea is already in house be in the decades an autonomous republic with a side in russian language rights even in the days of yu sheng to crimea never be under the direction absolute control from key episodes and columnists and crime is to build a new chap back soon enough i'll get the idea that they can secede to secede from ukraine having been potty trained the sixtieth and russia is a karen tool under the nineteen ninety four budapest assurances that it is territory inside and you'll be respected that today would be an illegal act to pull it out in the last three lines of
way out of ukraine. but the russians don't seem to be looking for a way out. president putin claims the military action is protecting the minority ethnic russian population. some russian protesters seen here in this video beating up a pro-ukrainian protester. others have been tearing down ukrainian flags and raising the flag of the russian federation. simon, do you agree that this could be the most important foreign policy decision president obama will make thus far in his presidency? >> oh, absolutely, gretchen. i think there's no question this is the most important foreign policy issue facing him and the most important moment in the history of the relationship between washington and moscow since the collapse of the soviet union. we are at a point now where the russians appear de facto to have annexed the crimean peninsula. the real question is whether or not this is as far as vladimir putin wants to go or whether he's going to try to peel parts of eastern ukraine away from an independent ukrainian government. were that to be the case, i think all bets would be off about where this
headlines the second of march, 2014. we are at the brink of disaster said leader of ukraine begging for world leaders to help his nation to get latest from kelly. >> in crimea, russians are now in control. 15,000 russian soldiers. prime minister. >> we are on the brink of disaster. there is not any reason for the russian federation to invade ukraine. >> ukraine responded to the take over by calling reservists and putting military on combat alert in 90 minute phone call, president obama accused vladimir putin. putin refused to back down saying russia was protecting citizens, soldiers and center in ukraine. the worry now is russians. battled supporters inside eastern ukrainian cities. the russian parliament gave putin to send soldiers anywhere in ukraine. will this region be next. the government is appealing to nato, britain and u.s. for help. nato ambassadors are due to meet in brussels later today. >> osgood: china is blaming extremists for the knife attack at a train station. more than 0 people were killed and 130 others injured. said to have shot four assailants. a massive winter
. >> that will give us something to look at. china and we're watching the ukraine, the futures, the ecb. the index in europe and the payrolls and the united states of america. it is called adt. it is a curtain-razor. what is happening in europe. it is from morgan stanley and he said the big debate is between deflation in the eurozone and the risk is high and rising. today in piece written our print division and he is the chief economist. the risk stands at 35% in the eurozone unless the ecb gets the ax gather. and it is rising by a tense of one percent. the numbers are doing nicely. let's give you a quick indication on the company's that we mentioned at the top the show. still waiting for this to open. david tweed just pointed out that it is about the impact of the emerging market drop in value. that is a double-edged sword for mario draghi. the strong value of the euro and the double-edged sword of the emerging-market currencies are the challenge for the german companies and it is the reason why the dax is down. you get an opening print. the market is disappointed with the numbers and they were h
captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: tensions over the fate of ukraine escalated today. russia tightened it's military grip on the crimea region, while the u.s. and europe ewighted punitive actions against moscow. good evening, i'm judy woodruff. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. also ahead this monday, yoga and concentration exercises-- for children. bringing focus and calm to young lives afflicted by chronic stress and p.t.s.d. >> do i think that stress of our community can get to a child? 110% absolutely. for every child who acts out in out school, i can look exactly to the point in their life where things arent working and every single time there is a concrete, very sad story, about why this child is not getting what he or she needs. plus, the u.s. election season heats up, we look at the fight to become texas' next governor, ahead of tomorrow's primaries. those are just some of the stories we're covering on tonight's pbs newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> i've been around long enough to recognize the people who are
.driven by strong men putin and in the middle ukrain ukraine. the peninsula and international tug of war. and late today abc news tale of massive military convoy for more than an hour. 40 vehicle with russian license plate stretching for miles. devin has more. >> thank you thank you. >> on the streets of kiev american top diplomat treated like hero. symbol of u.s. solidarity in the face of cold war style russian intimidation. secretary of state john kerry paid tribute 0ukraine activist killed in last month revolutio revolution. then met with leaders of the new pro western government. from moscow russian president putin called the new regime illegitimate and liken u.s. support to rung experiment on rat. as for the russian speaking soldiers now in full control of parts of southern ukraine, putin claimed they are not his. >> really deny there were troops there. russia has been working hard to create a pre-text for being able to invade further. >>reporter: the white house calls that possibility a glaring red line. that russia already meddling in ukraine against international law. >> facts on
russian helicopters flying is ukrainian estates. simon granted to ukraine's ousted president. as we speak unidentified russian speaking gunman the control of kenya's parliament there also controlling of that on a military airport in some gossip all home to russia's black sea fleet the kremlin denies any violation of ukraine's territorial integrity up to grandstand what is going on. it's it's it's been an interesting way to do a soft intervention instead of leaving a large measure of deniability making signaling pretty clearly that amount of discomfort. they said that russia could apply to the two ukraine into the west in general if he wanted to we're easing the tension level whenever ones. blood pressure throughout the western worlds and then really the world because the heat. over the last ten years there's been this is the sense of consensus since the aftermath of the invasion of iraq made it clear that it said that warfare wasn't and was really an effective way to get things done there's been this consensus that there's not can it be a huge stain on steve moore. and it anymore. and al
. the crisis in ukraine growing at this time. it gave ukrainian ships the ultimatum the right to be seized. >>> diplomats are trying to figure out ways to get russia to pack down in a city council meetinsecurity councilmeeting os right now. and the crisis in ukraine deepens at this hour. russia denies it issued an ultimatum to the ukrainian ships in the red sea. if russia does not end military operations in ukraine. you are looking live at the united nations, as the security council is figuring out how to deal with the crisis in ukraine. john terret will give us a report in a little bit. nick schifrin is in simferopol. the capitol of crimea. do we have a russian ultimatum on the table or not? >> according to russia there is none. but according to local journalists who heard a statement coming from russian ships only a few hundred feet off the coast of the crimea, who are basically surrounding the crimea, the answer is yes. those journalists sea they heard an ultimatum being heard from those ships telling the ukrainians they had to give up their weapons, had to disboard, about 3:00 in the m
of the 21st century. what chance putting a lid on ukraine. >>> as russia tightens its control of ukraine's crimea region, western media has issued a warning to moscow. >> if russia cannot be persuaded to respect the sovereignty, integrity of ukraine, there will have to be other consequences and other costs. >> blood curdling screams. here's accounts of the night he shot his girlfriend. >> do you understand the charges, mr. pistorius? >> i do. i do, my lady. >> how do you plead? >> not guilty, my lady. >> reporter: live in pretoria. i'll be bringing you all the latest developments from the trial. >> plus, seven oscars and seventh heaven for "gravity," the biggest winner at the academy awards. also in the program, aaron is here having a look at the in stability in ukraine and the affects that's having on the global economy. >> it is mayhem, david. markets are down. russia's ruble slumped to lows. and with a quarter of all of europe's guests coming from russia to ukraine, we will look at the impact if the taps are turned off. >>> hello. it's midday here in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, 1
for joining us. we're going to continue to stay on top of the breaking news in the ukraine. lots is at stake. thanks for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >>> next breaking news, signs of a russian invasion in ukraine tonight. president obama warns russia there will be costs. >>> plus, a new winter storm threatens more than 100 million across america and a story you have to see to believe, a man declared dead in a body bag comes back out alive. let's go "outfront." good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett and we have a welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world tonight. "outfront" we begin with the breaking news. the united states believes that russian troops have entered ukraine. ukrainian officials are accusing russia of an armed invasion after hundreds of troops tried to take control of two airports in crimea. several builds have been seized and they are patrolling the streets. we have new video to show you. these are russian helicopters flying over crimea, which is the peninsula below the ukraine. this picture was posted on youtube. the president, just a sh
for talks about the future of ukraine. itsce on reducing dependence on russian natural gas, we ask mike to hear from both senator kerry and president obama. putinheard from vladimir for the first time since the outbreak of the prices -- crisis. ryan joins us now from kiev. how did you interpret vladimir putin's remarks? >> the main thing about 's presst putin conferences that we got a sense of what he is thinking. ultimately copy is the only person who knows where this conflict is going to go. for the take away was time being he has no intention to escalate things. he said several things during that press conference, one, he said that he saw no need to send troops into ukraine yet. that was a bit cryptic, because ukraine says there are already 16,000 russian troops in crimea. what he needs, i think, is beyond crimea. into eastern ukraine. he also said that russia has no intention of fighting a war with ukraine, and that russia would ,nly send troops into ukraine eastern ukraine, because they are already in crimea if there was an extreme situation. philly, he does not feel that that is t
moves in ukraine. the stern talk between president obama and putin. it's a potential collision course, but what options does the white house really have here? >>> out of control. take a look at this. a truck crashes through a grocery store and mows down customers trying to dive out of the way. how it happened and who was behind the wheel. ♪ hey yeah yeah yeah >>> and it's "gma's" ultimate oscar party. we're on the red carpet as hollywood prepares for its biggest night of the year. over much night the awards before the awards. are they a predictor? and this morning our expert makes his picks as the stars deliver this message. >> good morning, america. ♪ ♪ i wake up to the city of angels ♪ >>> good morning, everybody, on this oscar sunday, and we've got a "gma" pre-show blowout for you as the countdown to hollywood's biggest night. >> we're going to take you behind the scenes. some of the star presenters have been showing up already at the dolby theatre dressed down, though. of course, they're going over their lines and try to get used to the oscar stage. i can imagine it's just
ukraine. russian troops surround ukrainian military facilitators in crimea. the ukrainian prime minister calls it a declaration of war. secretary of state john kerry issues a new warning to russia next on pbs "newshour weekend." >> pbs "newshour weekend" is made possible by louis b. and louise coleman. judy and josh westin. the walloch family, rosalynn p. walter. corporate finding provided by mutual of america designing customized individual retirement. that's why we're your retirement company. additional support is provided by -- and by public broadcasting and contributions from pbs viewers like you. thank you. from the tisch studios linc center in new york hari sreenivasan. >> thank you for joining us. international crisis surrounding ukraine benefitsified with many experts describing the situation as the greatest threat to east-west relations since the cold war. russian troops invade territory of crimea in the last hours today surrounded ukrainian mirlts. the prime minister of ukraine said that action brought the neighboring companies within what he described as a few inches
. when mdm. the us leave for ukraine's new government percent of the people in here as the government to stop things like neon. it's like a bargain is to finally sit still for a court hearing got to the negligence of the government wants up to the program. delegations from the chinese might live in taiwan signed agreements on with that and the white on the korean cooperation twenty one members of apec he's been on the society its agenda and put forward george projects. all were warm welcome to the subtitle sixty three the new design was marred by getting the ball was stored for you shortly but first at least five people have been killed and thirty two injured after a fire broke out aboard a bus in the city of quite young in southwestern china's quake show province about fifty people were on board when the vehicle burst into flames around one pm local time firefighters rushed to the satan put out the blaze up to two hours. all the injured have been taken to hospital and that investigation is underway to determine what cole was the file. not to ukraine and reports eye on them and have s
is the most popular. >> things are moving fast in ukraine where the parliament is putting together an interim government, including the cabinet. not everyone? ukraine is happy with the changes, especially in the southern part of the country. >> we are joined over the fen by jennifer glasse. what is happening there now? >> yesterday the people, the folks, their own mayor, they are more russian than ukrainian. we were outside the town hall where people gathered. they were yesesive when they -- aggressive when they are heard we were american television crew. "yankee go home" is what one told me. they are angry, and in particular they are angry that the ukrainian language was made the language of the count rich. that the elicited big cheers. here, they feel they are trying to marginalise the people. everyone here speaks russian. flags were flying over city hall and people flew the flag. they say if kiev is going to marginalize us, we want to be part of russia. >> you mentioned the support for russia. it suspended $15 billion to ukraine. in the west, officials like john kerry declare support for
for the unrest, the uncertainty in ukraine. vladimir putin according to a statement coming out of the kremlin says that this is due to ultranationalists in ukraine. so we're waiting to see exactly what the white house has to say about this phone call and what the president expressed. one thing we should also point out is that the deputy national security adviser over here at the white house, ben rhodes, who serves under susan rice, tweeted out just a few moments ago that the president was speaking to several foreign leaders. so we should expect additional readouts in addition to this readout on the phone call between president obama and president putin. it seems that the president was on the phones quite a bit today. that might explain why he was not involved in that national security meeting which took place earlier today as we've been reporting all afternoon, jim. you saw the pictures coming out of the white house. defense secretary chuck hagel, cia director john brennan, talking about the situation in ukraine and discussing policy options. i should note, jim, that just outside the gates of
's russian military storm. russia is denying it issued the ultimatum to ukraine. growing. grips on ukraine is growing and today president obama warning the u.s. is considering economic and diplomatic options to isolate russia. very latest "time" magazine reporter live in crimea. he reports we are at a decisive moment. simon, tell me what's going on now. >> well, now the situation is quite tense. everybody is waiting for this ultimatum to run out in a few hours. and then, you know, it is possible that russia will begin a full on assault on these places that have been surrounded by russian troops for a tuesdays. >> the russians have claimed that they didn't issue an ultimatum. do you have any information to support that denial or can you disprove that? >> no, we can't disprove that. and there had been previous ultimatums and nothing happened. so the russian defense ministry said it didn't issue such an ultimatum, but the ukrainian defense forces said that they definitely received it. and journalists did report witnessing that ultimatum being handed to them. so, it's not quite clear who exact
as ukraine seeks to shore up its finances. ukraine's prime ministers are in a dire state. >> we need to quickly design and implement the austerity program. >>> in corporate new, glencore xstrata beats forecasts. >>> and president obama focuses his attention back on domestic issues as he prepares to unveil his fiscal 2016 budget plan today at 11:30 eastern. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> welcome to "worldwide exchange." a very different picture behind me compared with the start of the show in yesterday's session. 9/1 greens to red these morning taking the stoxx europe 600 up 1 is.2%. as you can see, the picture very volatile this morning. what we have heard is that russian troops have been removed from the border. exercises that they were completing on the western boundary of russia, being seen by the markets as a concession, as lowering sentiment and danger surrounding the situation in crimea at the moment. as you can see, danger across the european markets this morning. they want to point out the german marke
in ukraine, where we're tracking developments that have ripped across this region. first from fox at 3:00 in new york city today, gunmen accused of detaining a high-ranking united nations representative outside a coffee shop. we have video from the scene and we'll show you what happened when he tried to leave. we're also hearing of fresh trouble in the eastern part of ukraine. plus, in just moments, i'll take you on a trip of crimea, where russia has asserted complete control. you'll see what it's like in the streets and why it's not all as it seems the there. we'll also look at how vladimir putin is imposing his will on the rest of the world and why right now, most analysts say, nobody can stop him. so let's get to it. >> announcer: now, shepard smith reporting live in ukraine. >>> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, 10:00 p.m. here in ukraine, where the crisis continues to unfold. and there are new developments to report tonight from kiev, and new signs that just one wrong move could bring big troubles here and around the world. i'm in independence square, and if we
the self-ie. jeanne moos, cnn new york. >> our coverage of the crisis in the ukraine continues now with anderson cooper live in kiev. >>> good evening, i'm anderson cooper reporting live from kiev in ukraine. a country on the brink. as the new prime minister has said. russian forces in the crimea, the fear that they may move further into eastern ukraine. i'm reporting from independence square, where a week and a half ago, people were fighting and dying for change here in ukraine. they got the change. the former president fled, no one could have predicted what happened next. russian forces on the ground in crimea. it's a little before dawn on tuesday morning, the start of a day no one can predict, what will happen over the next 12 hours. people are hoping and praying it does not end in bloodshed. there has been far too much bloodshed already. in this area here, people died a little more than a week and a half ago, right now it's considered holy ground a place of martyrs, flowers, makeshift memorials all around the barricades, the sandbags are all still up, all still a sign of what h
having invaded part of ukraine? it worked for them in 2008. is that the same calculation they're making now, that we can't possibly care as much as they care about what they've just done? they'll stick it out and we'll forget it. the major european leader who's thought to be closest to vladimir putin, at least the most able to talk to him leader to leader, is angela merkel who you see here on your screen. angela merkel, the chancellor of germany. nobody quite knew what to make of it when she reportedly finished a long telephone call with vladimir putin a couple days ago and after that call picked up the phone again to call president obama because she wanted to tell president obama that having spent a whole lot of time on the phone with vladimir putin, she wanted president obama to know that in her opinion, "vladimir putin is in another world." she said he didn't seem like he was in touch with reality. in another world. now, was that just how he seemed to angela merkel in that conversation? was he just being particularly weird or loopy to her for some reason? was she saying that strategi
captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: the fight for the future of ukraine escalated today, well-armed men, alleged to be russian forces, took control of two airports in crimea... president obama warned moscow not to intervene. the united states will stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs for military intervention in ukraine. >> good evening, i'm judy woodruff. also ahead good evening, i'm judy woodruff. also ahead, miles o'brien ventures deep inside one of the world's most hazardous places: japan's fukushima nuclear plant, still mired in trouble three years after its catastrophic meltdowns. >> resembling astronauts on the way to a fully fueled rocket, we donned special shoes and hard hats, then boarded a bus that would get us as close to the meltdowns as the laws of physics, and common sense, would allow us. and it's friday, mark shields and david brooks are here to analyze the week's news. those are just some of the stories we're covering on tonight's pbs newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by:
and his secretary of state reject russia's reasoning for what's happening in ukraine. right now ukrainian ministry officials say at least 16,000 russian troops are in ukraine's heavily pro-russia state of cr if the m imea. but john kerry who visited the capitol of kiev and president obama insisted what vladimir putin says does not match what's happening on the ground. >> i don't think that's fooling anybody. i think everybody recognizes that although russia has legitimate interests in what happens in a neighboring state, that does not give it the right to use force as a means of exerting influence inside of that state. >> we condemn the russian federation's act of aggression. it is clear that russia has been working hard to create a pretext for being able to invade further. russia has talked about russian-speaking minority citizens who are under siege. they're not. and in fact this government has acted remarkably responsibly by urging total calm. >> now, today mr. putin would not acknowledge to reporters that russian troops were even in crimea, but he did say his intentions are not a take
. ready to give is ukraine a billion dollar aid package. are meeting onov the sidelines of the support meeting for lebanon aiming at helping the country better manage its security and the growing number of refugees from syria. the annual congress in china gets underway. the government is promising to transform the world's second-largest economy with steady growth and a 12% increase in spending. -- in defense spending. also coming up for you this hour on "france 24," just 100 days to go until the football world cup in brazil. but things there are far behind schedule. we will take a closer look to see just if it will all be ready on time. and karl lagerfeld gives his latest show a very commercial twist just returning paris' cash crunch into l.a. into a giant chanel market. latest on the ukraine -- the head of the european union executive arm says that the ee was ready to provide ukraine with $11 million -- 11 billion euros in aid, made up of loans and grants in the coming years. it comes as there has been a flurry of diplomatic maneuvering on ukraine throughout europe today. the russian
out in eastern ukraine. russia's u.n. ambassador said -- excuse me, ukraine's former prime minister yanukovych. >> under the insolence of western countries these are open acts of terror and violence, people are being persecuted for religious reasons. >> one may think that russia just became the rapid response arm of the high commissioner for human rights. so many allegations made today are without basis and reality. >> the reality of neither the threat of sanctions or isolation seems to deter putin. >>> thank you, my next guest predicted this would happen way back in 2008. but others lav s laughed it off >> after the russian army invaded georgia, senator obama's reaction was one of indecision and moral ambivalence. >> joining me now, former alaskan governor, fox news contributor. before i get to you were right and they were wrong. let's show four years later after you made that prediction there was a final debate on foreign policy, and this was the exchange between governor romney and president obama. >> when you were asked what is the biggest geo-political threat facing america, yo
. this is "bottom line." today, janet yellen discusses the state of the u.s. economy. in the ukraine's fugitive president will reportedly hold a news conference in russia. the fda proposes changes to nutrition labels on food packaging. to our viewers in the united states and those of you joining us from around the world, welcome. we have full coverage of the stocks and stories making headlines today. cory johnson looks at google's efforts to speed up connecting to the internet in several u.s. cities will stop peter cook has highlight of janet yellen's testimony before the senate banking committee. those stories in just a moment. first, let's get you the latest on ukraine. ryan chilcote filed this report from key of. >> the ukrainian parliament has just ordered in a new government in the ukraine. its job will be to prepare the public for snap elections in may and make sure they are able to get enough money from international creditors to pay their bills in the meantime. u.s. has ponied up a billion dollars in the form of a loan guarantee and the imf says they will send a delegation next week and
and great with the west for the kiev protests turned deadly. self defense groups in ukraine's crimea patrol the two main airports of the physical feats new authoritieshi him hot wars last line and gum on china condemns america's human rights record saying washington's failing to live up to its standards. left out in the cold that your struggles to deal with port's apprentice. despite millions of houses across the continents diving in the new . it's the dream it's good that speeds up the match which took four hours a day in his first news conference since being ousted from power ukraine's impact will present the connecticut which has vowed to fight on. speaking from southern russia he insisted he was still ukraine's legitimate leader and accuse heel position of staging it can do with the help of pro fascist forces. meanwhile the current authorities in kiev to stop the presses have yet to be expedited. these are the biggest job was in most of all moved on in russia to hear the words of defiance from the deposed president his eyes as he is imprisoned in a president is as positive and not in pe
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